Using E-Cigs to Quit Smoking

Using E-Cigs to Quite Smoking

How Using E-Cigs to Quit Smoking

When someone has smoked for several years the obsession of carrying a cigarette is just about as addictive as the given smoking itself. The longer you’ve smoked the more difficult it will likely be to stop. The electronic cigarette will develop the dependence of making an e-cig seem as if you are reaching for a real cigarette. The electronic cigarette offers the smoker the feel of holding a real cigarette. The toughest part of quitting for so many is the authentic carrying of the cigarette. This hardware can allow one to maintain that feeling. Gum and patches can work for some; however, the smokers who are having challenges may determine the electronic cigarette to be the best alternative. Of course for many that have tried all other options the e-cigarette has proven to be an extremely effective, aiding them to ultimately give up tobacco. The cartridge within the cigarette has solely a small amount of nicotine, but it can offer the tobacco smoker a faster quantity of nicotine than regularly found in patches or gum. You will find a selection of types and strength in the nicotine cartridges around. The nicotine revealed in cigarettes is that the oily residual located in the tobacco leaf. A great deal of the residue burns whenever the tobacco is ignited, but the negative toxins found in the tobacco leaf itself are transferred into the nicotine and increase when lit and inhaled. It is a troublesome course of action when making an effort to refrain from smoking and it is just as difficult regardless if you smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. Truth be told there is still a compulsion to nicotine and the course of action of smoking. It’s possible to stop and merchandise such as electronic cigarettes can create the process smoother. Many states forbid smoking in open places because of the dangers of 2nd hand smoke to those within the typical area. Electronic cigarettes appear like a real cigarette, emit vapor, which feels just like the smoke from a true cigarette and make you feel like you’re smoking a cigarette; but the vapor is not damaging to people or anyone surrounding you. There is absolutely no tobacco in an e-cig therefore once you inhale what you are really obtaining is a nicotine and water mist that can evaporate at once thus others don’t to be affected. There is none of the cancerous causing chemicals within the e-cig making them abundant much safer than general cigarettes. The distinctive strength cartridges allow for people to scale back the strength over time and gradually quit. Once you give up smoking cold turkey any help you can get is better make the chance for success much greater. Collectively with an item that offers you the alternative of slowly giving up will increase the chances of permanently quitting. Once you quit smoking you can use zero nicotine cartridges which contain no nicotine and still puff away safely to help the subconscious addiction to the route. In addition the use of nicotine liquid and a great support system you will be comfortably on your way to being a non smoker within a few months. It’s been my expertise as well as many other people.

Why should you choose vapor Cigarette?

Nowadays while various marches against tobacco are going on, technology is also never behind. To answer these harmful products science has discovered e-cigarettes. Cigarette is an addiction who’s awareness spreader is everywhere through advertisements. Still people are unable to leave it. So e-cigarette is introduced to market as a subsidiary of cigarette tobacco. With the invention of modern e-cigarette it ha s provided special feature of vaporizing a solution of pure nicotine. The vapor is formed by heating element through battery which is known as vapor cigarette.

Features of Vapor cigarette

  1. It never burns tobacco.
  2. It heats an element of nicotine and vapor is inhaled.
  3. The most beautiful feature of vapor cigarette is that the smoker doesn’t need to inhale smoke.
  4. Thought it contains nicotine still it’s not going to harm the users’ health.
  5. The vapor collects the nicotine and conveys to lungs. So Many researchers have added glycol into the solution to dilute the nicotine.
  6. Shape wise it is almost cylindrical but it also can be piped or box shaped.

A New way of smoking:

In a survey students have praised this new way of smoking. Vaping is greatly appreciated by them.
A research says this kind of e-cigarette is used to inhale the flavor of smoking which might help you to stop smoking.


E-cigarette reviews are spreading among youths as they get most affected by ads.
Various e-cig reviews sites have described many ads and blogs about vapor cigarette through years. The latest e-cig reviews mark it as a pollution free cigarette in public places.
These reviews and blogs help you to find proper brand that suits you and harms less. You also get to know the good and features about it. They write blogs where they criticize cigarette not being biased. They also form community for the smokers where you can get complete idea about smoking with various brands.


A number of research centers including disease control organizations have shown their concern about the use of this cigarette. Their concern is that it might increase the addiction of smoking among youth. The cigarette makers are in a great profit with their advertisements and proposals.


It generally consists of four parts. Which are as follows?
• Battery
It’s battery is regularly chargeable to provide the heating facility with metallic light while some of them are charged by airflow through breathing.

• Metal Light cover
This light looks as it is burning like normal cigarettes. It symbolizes the activation of the cigarette.
• The heating element
This is the atomizer. It consists of heating element. It is the vaporizer which consists of small vaporizing heating liquid in the center and also includes metal that draws liquid in it.
• Mouthpiece

Legalization of this vapor cigarette is a big matter to discuss as because many countries have not yet made any laws about it. They need a strong discussion about its pros and cons. But some of the western countries have made this product legal.

Advanced version of electronic cigarette is blue cigarette including higher version of liquids. Many electronic cigarette reviews have advertised about green cigarette which is third position in popularity which is symbolizing the pollution free cigarette. The vapor cigarette consists of far low amount of harmful nicotine than normal cigarette.

Now with rapid growth of industrialization many cigarette companies have produced e-cigarette. It is assumed as whatever obstacles come but the market will not be down. But for regular tobacco consumers who are unable to leave the addiction it is a great product to quit harmful tobacco.

Effects of Vapor Cigarette upon developing Countries

How many developing countries are aware of vapor cigarette? It is very few. These countries are not aware of the recent technology. This is only because the developing country people are illiterate. For this reason the most cancer people in the world are from this country. The youngsters are facing lung cancer as they inhale tobacco which is very much harmful. They do not even have any idea of vapor cigarette. It also helps to quit cigarette.

Users View:

Most people think that vapor cigarette and regular cig are same. But they are absolutely wrong. People who are not sure can look into the fact and they very well can feel the difference. Vapor cigarette do not consists of tobacco. It contains vaporized nicotine based liquids with a heating element. The expertise and the user say that it has many advantages other than regular tobacco.


As they contain no tobacco it does not follow any laws. People can buy it without any proof of age. It can be also buy through online. According to laws vapor cigarette can be inhale anywhere as it does not cause any pollution. Basically this is not a illegal form of cigarette. The researchers are proved in many trials that it is safe.

Advantages of vapor cigarette being smokeless

In this era, technology is almost equivalent to lifestyle. As people are facing problems with tobacco cigarette technology has introduced vapor cigarette. It is not harmful as the normal tobacco cigarette. It is said to be the subsidiary form of tobacco. The people who are addicted to it and do not want to continue with the tobacco they are transferring to vapor cigarette. It can be charged by battery and it also do not effect directly to lungs. Expertise people have gone through many experiments. But they could not find any negative point about it.

Advantages of vapor cigarette are:

• It do not effect like other normal tobacco cigarette.
• People those who consume vapor cigarette it does not form into a habit.
• The youngsters are not harmed so much with this new method of cigarette. Especially the advertisement is affecting to them.
• Though it contains nicotine but it does not affect lungs.

Consciousness among the people:

Basically Los Angles spread this new form of vapor cigarette in public places. Now the vapor cigarette is boosting in all countries. As people are educated now they are even health conscious. They find this better than the normal tobacco. Moreover consuming this cigarette not even causes cancer. Now, vapor cigarette has roughly spread through 4million among Americans people. They find it better to use battery powered cigs. It is protective in all cases. Then also to make it better productive people are constantly working in this new technology of cigarette.


Proponents of consuming vapor cigarette think that it is a best form of device as it is reusable. It saves the user money. According to user, the vapor cig also helps to quit the smoking. And many people also got prove. The people who were chain smoker before now they had almost quit it.

I Need to Start Smoking

Gail had decided that she would take up the art of smoking, undergoing a stressful divorce and a disastrous move she thought that smoking would be the answer to the antsy behavior she had been exhibiting. Being now in a smoke free building and still wanting to do her treadmill without breathing problems. She decided on vapor cigarettes.
Searching intently through her new phone book, she had finally found a cigarette shop that suited her need. Sheepishly, she entered the smoke shop looking for shadows to hide in and armed only with the knowledge that vapors did not produce smoke, she made her way to the counter.

The Shopping Expedition:

Gail explained to the non-smoker at the other side of the counter her problems and how she had arrived at the idea of vapors. The clerk nodded her head during the saga and looked at Gail, as if she was greatly interested in her story. Once Gail had completed her tale, the clerk spun around and handed Gail one vapor cigarette in a blue box that was aesthetically pleasing. The clerk explained to Gail that this was the most popular brand. It did contain some nicotine and therefore would taste more like a cigarette than the rest of the flavors they carried. The clerk also explained that not all the flavors would go well with her Gail’s taste buds. Gail took the sales clerks word and paid for her package, stuck it deep in her purse and snuck through the non-existent shadows to the door.

Once home, the loneliness of her life kicked in and Gail desired her cigarette. She wondered if the 250 puffs contained in the cigarette would get her through the next couple of days. They promised to be rough ones. Gail read the instructions inside the box several times. She wasn’t even sure if she were to light the vapor or not. She prayed she didn’t have to for she had no cigarette lighter or matches. She unwrapped her new toy and began to puff away. She liked the blue light at the end of the cigarette, it made her feel like a big girl. During the course of the next couple of days Gail was constantly puffing on her new friend. During lunch she sat at the smokers table, in her car she puffed away. After dinner, during her morning coffee or while just sitting at the computer, she was puffing. No smell, no ash and no fuss.


Finally Gail puffed herself out. At the lunch table she had a real cigarette. On her way home she stopped at the at the cigarette shop. This time armed with cigarette knowledge. She purchased a vapor and then purchased 2 packs of real cigarettes.

On her way home from the cigarette shop Gail smiled to herself. A vapor for home and cigarettes for elsewhere.
After 2 weeks Gail realized that the vapor was no longer getting her through the rough times. She also realized she had to change her ways. She quit smoking everything.

Cigarettes vs E-cigs

I decided to conduct a survey on cigarettes vs. e-cigs with and without nicotine. The intention was find out whether or not cessation could occur quicker with vapors. We had 18participants. A twelve week program in which for six weeks, half would smoke cigarettes. Then the other six weeks the roles were reversed. All the participants involved smoked ½ to whole packs of cigarettes a day.

Part of the trial was to judge the accessibility of vapors. This was done by the first group that began vapors.Divided into 2 groups,group one went to tobacco stores in 3 adjoining states. Group 2 went shopping online.
Another guideline was to not stay on one specific vapor. One type of vapor per week. Included were to be nicotine infused.

Those who continued cigarettes were to also change cigarette brands weekly. This was to form a discontentment with smoking in general.

Finding vapors and beginning the study:

Given 3 days to purchase the vapors, the pandemonium began. Those who used the tobacco shops found that their selection of brands were restricted to the top brands with a limited flavor ability. Most seemed to have nicotine infusion. In finding vapor kits, there were even less to choose from and they reported that store salespersons knowledge was also in short supply. Those who shopped on line found and purchased the top brands to the lower brands. Information was free flowing and they managed to come back with enough varieties to last the full round of the program with everyone changing every week.Armed with their supplies, they began their experiment,
During the 1st 3 weeks, all participants were deeply unhappy and a little edgy. Complaints of lack of satisfaction came from all. Then the roles switched at the end of 6 weeks. Those who were smoking cigarettes hadadapted easier to the vapor. Those who shopped on line found the choices overwhelming, especially since they were anxious to quit. The changing of the brands really left them ready to quit. Most purchased nicotine infusion.

The Outcome

The group that continued to smoke and change cigarettes were more committed to quitting. They were so dissatisfied, the vapors made very little difference to them and took the smoking of the flavored vapors quite well.
Those who immediately started on the vapors had a more difficult time quitting smoking. They like group number 2 had the dissatisfaction however, vapor was so much like smoking and the flavors ended up being so satisfying that basically group 1 had the highest number of people who went back to cigarettes compared to the number of group 2 who stopped smoking completely.
It would appear, group 1 had become so dissatisfied by not having their regular brands. They were disgruntled enough to simply quit, despite the vapor. The vapor did however aid in the habit of the motion of smoking.
By these outcomes one can only conclude that vapor is a very useful tool. However, like all cessation devises if the smoker is ready.

Time to Quit Smoking?

Is it time to quit smoking?
Is it Time to Quit Smoking?

Is it Time to Quit Smoking?

Is it Time to Quit Smoking?

There I was, ready to quit. I slowly drew the last bit of carcinogen deep into my lungs. Savoring every drop. Slowly exhaling, experimenting with blowing circles. This last cigarette was almost the last one I would have. I knew the only thing that I would have after this was a vapor cigarette. Questions about the taste, the satisfaction kept running through my mind. How will it work? Will it work? Is it finally time to quit smoking? My cigarette was done. Vapor Cigarettes adjust using a battery pack was definitely new. Reading all the important information before puffing was beginning to feel ridiculous. All this when I could just go to the store and buy Marlboro lights or something. I continued reading. Vapor cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes consists of a few parts. The most important is the battery. They contain an atomizer that is a heating-element, which vaporizes a liquid solution. There were several flavors, including ones that gives you small doses of nicotine. So one more question burned itself into my head. If I going too quite using nicotine, how will it help me kick the nicotine habit. So with that in mind, I decided to choose a flavor. There are over 1000 flavors of e-cigs in the U.S market alone. The highlight of vapor cigarettes is the number of uses per cigarette. The average is 250 before requiring a new battery and vapor. That alone as a cost saver was worth the change. There are also kits that enable that keep enough materials for 3 complete vapors. So after strolling on line for about 45 minutes on several websites, I selected a flavor which mildly tasted like a real cigarette, only without the infusion of nicotine. I took my vapor with me and expected an excellent cigarette after dinner in an outdoor restaurant. As I was watching the fake blue flame at the tip of my cig, and deeply inhaled, I did not get the familiar taste, the light headedness. I did however get immediately complaints about my smoking. I stood up and demonstrated. Look no ashes, no smoke, no odor sort of. I took my seat and then a gentleman stepped over and asked. So what are the downsides with vapors? Vapors are not regulated by the FDA, as it contains no tobacco. This brings on social dilemmas, is it just as influential on teenagers in their smoking? Will vapors encourage smoking? Vapors are now being looked into for the possibility of placing regulations such as where they can be smoked. For those who still want the need for nicotine will not find it any easier too quit. ’ Many cities and states such as New Jersey have regulations already in place for vapor cigarettes and where they can be smoked. It is still being debated as too whether or not vapor cigarettes are a good cessation tool. In the meanwhile, they work for me.