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Self Defense Law: Know The Basics

It"s quite scary to find yourself caught in a situation when somebody attacks you from nowhere. You become panicky and you find yourself thinking whether you should fight back or just give up. This is when self-defense comes in which can save your life but, as we know, law is complicated and there some things that you need to know with regard to self-defense.

The Basics:


Self-defense laws can vary from state to state so it"s necessary for you to do some research to be informed about it. For most laws though, you are only allowed to use the same amount of force your attacker did to you.For example, if someone slapped you on the face, it"s wrong to choke him or her until he or she dies.

You"re only allowed to use deadly force if you feel that your attacker is trying to kill you. For instance, if someone has a gun to your head and you kill them by self-defense just before they pull the trigger, you"re justified.

For more details, check out the short video below:

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